Gisli Vilhjalmsson

Gísli Vilhjálmsson was born on 13 May 1954 in Reykjavík.


He qualified for university from M.H. in 1974. From there he enrolled in the Department of Dentistry at the University of Iceland from where he graduated with a Cand.odont. degree 1980. Gísli then progressed directly to graduate education in the United States. He learned orthodontics at St. Louis University, Department of Orthodontics from where he graduated with an MSc in orthodontics in 1982 and on completion of his studies he was awarded the Marshall Award from the Louis University of Orthodontic Alumni Association for the best results in the two-year graduate programme in orthodontics. Gisli Vilhjalmsson


Gísli VilhjálmssonGísli received his licence to practice dentistry on 27 August 1980. He received his specialist licence in orthodontics on 16 June 1988. Gísli actively maintains his education and regularly attends orthodontic conventions abroad. He has always participated in fulfilling the continuing education demands (VEIT) of the Icelandic Association of Dentists. He has also made a number of presentations at the Association of dentists’ annual convention on subjects related to orthodontics.


Gísli is married to Kristín Jónsdóttir and they have three children. Kristín also handles the surgery bookkeeping and fills in on occasions in reception.


Gísli’s hobbies are fishing and cars. He and Kristín spend a lot of time fishing during the summers. For their fishing trips they used a 1979 Bronco, nicknamed “Skrauti”, But it was a total write-off in a rollover in the summer of 2005. Gísli has now completed a rebuild of “Skrauti” in his spare time. If you are interested in looking at the Bronco rebuilt then by all means send an email to and get access to his online photos.