About the company

starfsfolk_400The surgery was opened here on Laugavegur in August 1986. Gísli is the only dentist in the surgery and eight female employees work with him. We only provide orthodontic treatment.


We make every effort to provide meticulous and personal services and to make patient visits as comfortable as possible. We place great emphasis on education and information, both for the patients and their relatives so that everyone can follow the progress of the treatment. High-quality orthodontic treatment is time-consuming, requires precision in its implementation and is expensive. We all make every effort in our orthodontic work to achieve optimum results. Our objective is to ensure that the results of treatment are permanent and a source of lifelong satisfaction.


krakkar_400Parents are always welcome with their children, whether they decide to stay in the waiting area and have a coffee in the kitchen, or come into the treatment room. Notes are recorded at the end of each visit in order to provide information for parents who cannot accompany their children. It is also possible to call and ask for information, which can often be provided by the assistant but it is also possible to leave a message and Gisli will call back when he is free in order to avoid delays.